Introducing a site for sharing public domain video game art and music

A new website from the creator of Blasted Science

Game Asset Screenshot

I’ve been making video games since I was in elementary school. My game dev career culminated in the game Memetown USA, which I released on Steam in the summer of 2018.

It wasn’t easy to make an entire game by myself. I simply didn’t have the time to create all the sprites, textures, models, music, and sound effects by myself. Instead, I resorted to using pre-made assets I found online.

This proved to be a big challenge. First of all, I had a budget of $0, which meant I could only use assets available for free. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find high-quality free assets; many of them are scattered around the internet on small personal websites, without any easy way to locate them.

Furthermore, the licenses attached to these assets almost always requires attribution, which I personally find annoying. I found it too tedious to keep track of the author of every tiny sound effect used in my game, so, for the most part, I only used public domain assets — ones that lack any form of copyright. Unfortunately, public domain game assets aren’t easy to find! Very few exist, and the ones that do are generally low quality. I decided to change that.

Finally, a solution!

Earlier this year, I dedicated Memetown USA to the public domain, meaning that all my code, art, music, etc. is freely available online and can be used for any purpose. I hope my content can help other small-time game developers in their work. I also want to make it easy for other developers to contribute to the public domain.

That’s why I created — it’s a site where anyone can upload their creative work and dedicate it to the public domain. It’s intentionally designed to be a smooth, simple, and streamlined process with no strings attached. All you need is an account and then you can upload your assets to the site in just a few clicks.

Game Asset Homepage

Additionally, the site has a powerful search functionality so that creators can easily locate exactly the type of asset they are looking for.

If you’re a game developer in need of free assets, or if you have assets that you can add to the public domain, I highly encourage giving my site a look. I’m sure my site will help you out!