Information About Our Plans and Schedule

Since our site is very new, we’ve decided to outline our future plans, and schedule so that our readers have a better idea of what to expect:


We plan to add 1-2 major posts every week, with a few smaller ones every now and then. We have three general categories for posts:

  • Posts featuring content from our YouTube videos.
  • Informational/tutorial posts on various DIY topics.
  • Completely off-the-wall, meaningless garbage that will make you question our ability to responsibly ingest alcohol.


Videos are hard work. We plan to regularly post 1-2 tutorial videos every month. However, it may take another month before we are able to post our first video. We’ve put a lot of work into setting up a website and YouTube channel. Please be patient while we finish wrapping it up.


We have a lot of ambitious goals for Blasted Science. We’ve compiled a checklist of some big milestones we hope to be able to achieve someday. Here they are, in order:

  1. Upload a YouTube video.
  2. Get someone to comment on our site.
  3. Get 500 views on our site daily.
  4. Build an army of power-kiting DIY enthusiasts.
  5. Rule the world with an iron fist.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of what to expect. We plan to create plenty of great content for you, hopefully with minimal casualties. Stay tuned for more danger than you can handle!