Blasted Science Officially Endorses This Software

SteganographySteganography Tools

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, we at Blasted Science feel compelled to blab about these two steganography tools we really like.

What is steganography?

Steganography is the art of concealing a message. If you want to send someone a secret message that no one else can read, you essentially have two options:

  • Encode the message so that it can only be read by someone who knows how to decode it.
  • Hide the message so that it can only be read by someone who knows it exists.

The latter method is knows as steganography. Nowadays, there’s a whole bunch of free steganography software available online, and Blasted Science has tried just about all of them. After a few hours of stumbling through sketchy sites plastered with fake download buttons, we’ve managed to find a few good ones. We’ve had a lot of fun playing with steganography. In fact, Blasted Science may have used it a couple of times on this site (cough). How did we do it? Mostly we used the two programs below.

Hide in Picture

Hide in Picture is a tool for hiding files inside GIF images. It’s pretty much the only software we’ve found that works with GIF files (most only work with PNG).

Xiao Steganography

Xiao Steganography is a similar tool, but hides files inside of WAV audio and BMP images.



These programs are very simple to use, and have proven invaluable to Blasted Science. We highly recommend trying these bad boys out if you ever stumble upon anything weird on our site.