Nuclear Energy – Why Not?

Too many people hear the word nuclear and immediately think that whatever it is used for is bad, but what about power plants?

We have been hearing way too much about alternative energy sources and random crappy sources that are not efficient at all. We already have a great source, but a few experiences that make us not want to touch it. This great source is nuclear energy.

Like we said earlier you probably don’t like the sound of it, but the truth is nuclear energy is the bomb! Pun very intended. All jokes aside, nuclear energy is cleaner, safer, and more efficient than most people think. People terrified of the unknown. So let’s learn some things to make it known.

How does it work?

Nuclear energy is created through a process called nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is just a fancy word for splitting apart a nuclear atom to acquire the desired superpower. Well half of that is true, I’ll let you decide which half. This energy is in the form of heat which warms up some liquid, Blasted Science prefers Dr. Pepper, but we are only humble rocket scientists. When the Dr. Pepper is hot enough it will start making bubbles and will steam. It must be approximately 212 degrees Fahrenheit or if you live any other place but the United States 100 degrees Celsius. The best way to tell the temperature is to dive straight in it and time how long it takes to burn the flesh. Once you are nice and crispy then you know it is ready.

Safety Stuffs

It is safe, trust us. Don’t question only obey. There are so many safety precautions that we don’t know where to start. So we won’t start. Instead we will loosely quote what pulled up on Google “Nuclear power is safe and continuing to get safer, so stop being a baby you’re fine.” That’s what Google said, so if you don’t trust us then trust them.


We are constantly improving as a species. What is the point in improving barbaric ways of making energy if we could just switch to one that is way better? Blasted Science is not here to tell you that you are wrong, unless of course you are, but we do want to inform you. We think you should form your own opinion, and as long as it is the same as ours you should voice it.