We’ve Changed Our Comment System to Disqus

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As a hipster site, we tried really hard to avoid using Disqus for comments, but we have officially bitten the bullet.


As some readers know, Disqus is the most popular comment system for sites like ours. However, we’re not huge fans of it. We decided to go with Spot.IM for various reasons:

  • It loads faster
  • It looks pretty
  • It’s super hipster

However, as time went on, we soon realized that Spot.IM has some major flaws. For one, it doesn’t show up on Firefox. We have no idea why. Another major problem happened just the other day: a new update to the plugin actually broke comments on our site.


We wanted to love you, Spot.IM

Spot.IM’s obscurity didn’t do much to help. There’s no decent support online, and there’s little to no documentation at all. It’s become apparent that Spot.IM is simply poor quality. Goodbye, Spot. We wanted to love you.

We’re no fans of Disqus, but it’s better than the alternative. Sorry for deleting all comments up until now. Our bad.